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This is a list of our main productions for BBC Radio 4, BBC World Service and BBC Radio 3. Click on the titles for more information. Please note that we withdrew from BBC radio production work in 2018.

Hearing earDue to music rights restrictions we regret that not all are available to listen. Look out for the ear symbol to indicate whether audio is currently available.

Japan: New Ways to Grow Old  Lessons for living a long life from the world’s fastest ageing society (2 x 27′)

Nigeria: Shooting It Like A Woman  The Nigerian women film directors currently reinventing Nollywood (1 x 27′)

Reclaiming Karachi  Inspiring stories of the young people striving to change this once dangerous Pakistani city. (1 x 27′)

Hope Speaks Out     Meet the refugees behind the microphones of Germany’s pioneering Refugee Radio Network (1 x 27′)

The Secret History of Yoga   The extraordinary multicultural roots of modern yoga practice (1 x 28′)

Online Shopping, Indian Style How Indians are embracing the online shopping revolution (1 x 28′)

Sugar, Saris and Green Bananas The bitter-sweet history of Indian indentured labourers on the British sugar plantations of the Caribbean  (2 x 28′)

Reclaiming the Swastika The long and diverse history of swastika symbols  (1 x 28′)

The War Widows of Afghanistan British and Afghan women whose husbands died fighting the Taliban share their stories  (1 x 28′)

India Uncorrupted?   Can the radical new “Party of the Common People” clean up Indian politics?  (1 x 28′)

Bengal to Baker Street in 80 Paintings   The work of India’s pioneering modern artist Jamini Roy  (1 x 28′)

Lights, Camera, Akshun!   The surprising British roots of early Indian cinema  (1 x 28′)

Creative Forces  Dawn French and Juliet Stevenson explore their military upbringing  (1 x 28′)

Surgical Cuts   A world-class Bangalore hospital that’s pioneering cost-efficient healthcare (1 x 28′)

Designing the Impossible  The surreal world of designer Nelly Ben Hayoun  (1 x 28′)

Jugaad: The Rise of Frugal Innovation   Why Indian ingenuity borne out of scarcity could soon be going global   (1 x 28′)

Digital Folk    Musical gems from the new online English folk song archive  (1 x 28′)

One Billion Digitally Identified Indians   India’s ambitious & controversial biometric identity program examined (1 x 28′)

Broken Paradise  Powerful poetry from Sri Lanka’s civil war  (1 x 28′)

Hollywood on the Tiber A history of Rome’s famous film studios (1 x 28′)

The Future is Halal   Navid Akhtar investigates the global rise in products and services aimed at Muslim consumers  (1 x 37′)

My Heart is in the East   Miri Rubin celebrates Yehuda Halevi, the most famous of Hebrew poets   (1 x 28′)

Madam Mao’s Golden Oldies  Anna Chen revisits the Chinese Cultural Revolution model operas (1 x 28′)

Hobson Jobson: A Very English Enterprise  Poet Daljit Nagra explores the famous dictionary of the British Raj  (1 x 28′)

Move Over Wodehouse  How to become a bestseller in India  (1 x 28′)

Word For Word  The history of verbatim theatre in Britain (1 x 28′)

How Folk Songs Should be Sung  Ewan MacColl’s notorious 60s’ cultural experiment  (1 x 28′)

Dexter and Dodd  Crime writer Colin Dexter and comedian Ken Dodd entertain each other   (1 x 28′)

Antarcticans  5 scientists recall their stay on the world’s most southerly continent   (5 x 14′)

St Ives & Me Anna Chen explores the artists’ haven in Cornwall  (1 x 28′)

The Little Black Fish That Created Big Waves A famous Iranian children’s story with a powerful political message (1 x 28′)

Stories from Notting Hill  A history of the Notting Hill Carnival  (5 x 14′)

Tagore at 150  A celebration of the Nobel Prize-winning poet Rabindranath Tagore  (1 x 28′)

Schumacher’s Big Society  Jonathon Porritt revisits the work of “Small is Beautiful” author E.F. Schumacher  (1 x 57′)

Blogging Against Bribery  Can the internet help reduce corruption in India?  (1 x 28′)

Man vs God  The radical poetry of Pakistan’s founding father Muhammad Iqbal  (1 x 28′)

Plumbers & Penguins  How new recruits fared during their first year working in Antarctica  (1 x 28′)

A Legend Before Slumdog  The hugely popular music of Oscar-winning composer A.R. Rahman  (1 x 28′)

The New Global Indians   How a new elite of Indians are making it big abroad  (3 x 28′)

Character Assassins  Why do authors kill off their literary creations?  (1 x 28′)

Chopsticks at Dawn  Why is Chinese music so parodied by western musicians?  (1 x 28′)

Sacred Election: Lessons from the biggest democracy in the world Behind the scenes of an Indian general election  (1 x 37′)

A Celestial Star in Piccadilly Hollywood legend Anna Mae Wong’s career in Britain  (1 x 28′)

Darwin Songs  An original musical project to celebrate Charles Darwin – in song  (1 x 28′)

Black Screen Britain  Pioneering black actors and directors in British television and film drama (2 x 28′)

Chinese in Britain  A unique history of Chinese migration and settlement in Britain (10 x 14′)

A Sunparched Country How Australia is facing up to climate change  (5 x 14′)

Bridging the Morphine Gap    Bringing pain relief to millions of dying people in India  (1 x 28′)

The Drawings on the Wall   Deciphering prehistoric rock art around Europe  (5 x 14′)

Nusrat Was My Elvis  Navid Akhtar pays tribute to his musical hero Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan  (1 x 28′)

I’m a Muslim, Get me out of here!  Is Islamophobia forcing British Muslims to emigrate? (1 x 28′)

The Other Mobiles  The evolution of the mobile disc jockey  (1 x 28′)

Bush Lessons   A young English teacher’s experiences in South Africa  (3 x 14′)

An Indian in Bloomsbury   Mulk Raj Anand, founding father of Indian literature in English  (1 x 28′)

Christmas Spirits   A spooky tale of Christmas ghosts  (1 x 28′)

Keeping it in the Family  Westminster politicians who are themselves the children of politicians  (3 x 14′)

Beyond the Takeaway  British Born Chinese (BBCs) talk about their lives  (5 x 14′)

The Flight of Tiny Feet  3 children’s stories of escape from the Japanese invasion of Burma  (1 x 28′)

New Shoots, Old Tips A second series of witty and wise horticultural advice dug up from the past  (5 x 14′)

e-Villages  Pioneering uses of the internet in villages of the Indian subcontinent  (5 x 14′)

Bone in the Kebab 25 years of theatre reflecting the stories of the Asian presence in Britain (2 x 28′)

Crossing the Black Waters  The history of the English East India Company  (3 x 28′)

What Grandad Did in the Dark  Noah Zerdin’s public experiments to prove life after death  (1 x 28′)

Frozen in Time  The stories revealed by abandoned cabins on the icy wastes of Antarctica  (1 x 28′)

From Telford to the Stream of Dragons A Shropshire woman on a quest to meet her long-lost sisters in China  (1 x 28′)

New Shoots, Old Tips Funny and surprisingly useful gardening advice from the past  (4 x 14′)

Like Another Mahabharata  The contribution of over 1 million Indian soldiers in WW1  (1 x 28′)

Imperial Gardens How former empires took their garden designs to the countries they ruled  (3 x 28′)

Grandmothers’ Footsteps   2 young children accompany their grandmothers to their respective childhood homes in India and the Scottish Highlands (2 x 28′)

Parents Too  Disabled people share their experiences of parenthood    (6 x 10′)

Who’s Fit to be a Parent?  How far should the state intervene in family life?   (1 x 39′)