The New Global Indians


Prajit Datta with sculpture by Debanjan Roy Aicon Gallery MayfairThey’re smart, they’re ambitious and they’re everywhere. As India’s economy grows at an unparalleled rate, a highly mobile elite of professional Indians is making its mark across the world as engineers, bankers, entrepreneurs and executives at the very top of multinational companies. Mukti Jain Campion finds out what lies behind their success and the impact they are making in India as well as abroad. (3 x 28′)

First broadcast  March 2010 BBC Radio 4

illuminating and impressive – Chris Campling, The Times


1: Indians Shining

Equipped with the English language and higher degrees from top universities, their ambitions go far beyond being call centre operators or back office workers for the West. Instead they’re making it big as entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, as analysts and bankers on Wall Street and Canary Wharf, buying up British businesses and running global companies.

2: Uniquely Indian?

India has the largest number of illiterate people in the world, yet it also produces some of the most numerate and ambitious graduates at world-famous establishments such as the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). On a visit to the campus of IIT Kanpur during recruitment week we find out why the students there are so highly sought-after by multinational companies.

3: Payback

The Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh described it as his country’s brain gain: the increasing number of successful expatriate Indians who are returning to India to start businesses and run philanthropic projects. Why is India now so attractive to them and what impact are they making?

Producer Mukti Jain Campion

Executive Producer Charles Miller

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