Plumbers and Penguins


SONY DSCIn 2009 British Antarctic Survey ran a huge publicity campaign to recruit tradesmen to spend 18 months working in their most southerly research stations. 2000 people applied for the 43 jobs which promised “the most exhilarating experience of a life time”. Chris Eldon Lee follows the frozen fortunes of some of the lucky few who were selected. (1 x 28′)

First broadcast December 2010 BBC Radio 4 

Producer Chris Eldon Lee                 

A well told programme about something most of us know little about                                                    – Elizabeth Mahoney, The Guardian


 A super documentary. .. a vibrant and vivid depiction of life at the end of the world                          – Chris Maume, The Independent on Sunday


Radio choice: The Times, The Daily Mail, Radio Times

Radio 4 Pick of the Week

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