antTo mark the centenary of Roald Amundsen’s arrival at the South Pole (to be followed a month later by Captain Scott), Radio 3’s The Essay each night is presented by professionals who have lived and worked in Antarctica. (5 x 14′)

First broadcast December 2011  BBC Radio 3

Producer Chris Eldon Lee

These essays are delights, full of extraordinary details and brimming with passion   – Elizabeth Mahoney, The Guardian.


Read Elizabeth Mahoney’s  full review

  1. Glaciologist David Drewry recalls his adventurous efforts to survey Antarctica’s landscape.
  2. Writer Meredith Hooper witnesses the plight of penguins affected by climate change.
  3. John Sweeny relives his desperate efforts to find a new home for Antarctica’s last huskies.
  4. Geologist Jane Francis struggles to make ice cream freeze in the Antarctic.
  5. David Walton describes the tricky legal struggle to protect Antarctica from humans.

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