Who’s Fit to be a Parent?


IMukti Jain Campions parenting a private matter or has it become too complex and too important a job to leave to parents alone? Mukti Jain Campion (author of Who’s Fit to be a Parent? Routledge 1995) examines the arguments for more state intervention in how parents raise the next generation of citizens. (1 x 39′)

First broadcast August 1995 BBC Radio 4


The programme discusses with subtlety and depth the many ways in which most people are unprepared for parenthood -Polly Toynbee, Radio Times


Contributors include: Christopher Clulow, Director of the Tavistock Marital Studies Institute; Gerison Lansdown, Director of the UK Children’s Rights Development Unit; Albert Solnit, Paediatrician, psychiatrist and former director of the Yale Child Studies Centre; Jill Hodges, Consultant Child Psychotherapist, Great Ormond Street;  Hugh LaFollette, Professor of Philosophy East Tennessee State University and author of Licensing Parents; David Townsend, Director of Social Services

Producers Mukti Jain Campion and Rachel Yorke

A co-production with Track Record


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