A Sunparched Country


spcCaroline Holmes discovers how Australia is facing up to its worst drought on record and meets people who are at the vanguard of innovative, practical adaptations to the new reality of climate change.  (5 x 14′)

First broadcast April – May 2008 BBC Radio 4

Producer Mukti Jain Campion


This series is clear, unpreachy, imaginative, positive.  – Gillian Reynolds, The Daily Telegraph


1: Water Is Precious

Caroline discovers how Australian city dwellers are coping with daily water restrictions and visits a house in Brisbane which is leading the way in water-wise living.

2: Farming Waterwise

Australian farmers have been badly affected by the drought. But there’s one man who believes he knows how to drought-proof Australian farmland for the future.

Programme 3: Save our soil, Save the planet

Could soil, rather than forests, hold the key to removing CO2 emissions from the atmosphere, and help farmers and biodiversity too?

4: Changing Gardens

Can you imagine how you would have to change if your garden was slowly relocated to a different climate? That’s just what’s happening to millions of Australians right now.

5: Green Buildings, Cool Cities

Caroline meets architects and greenroof experts who are championing greener buildings which will also make cities better places to live and work.

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