The Secret History of Yoga


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To mark UN International Yoga Day Mukti Jain Campion sets out to explore the roots of modern yoga practice and uncovers an extraordinary multicultural history in which early 20th century European ideas of health, fitness and the cult of the Body Beautiful became intertwined with Indian nationalism and the revival of Indian interest in its own traditions of physical culture. Out of this heady mix emerged a new generation of yoga innovators who transformed an obsolete and frowned-upon practice of Indian holy men into something that would appeal to masses of ordinary people around the world. (1 x 28′)

First broadcast BBC Radio 4 June 2016 & BBC World Service July 2016

Contributors include: Mark Singleton Author, Yoga Body: The origins of modern posture practice Dr Jim Mallinson Yoga historian, School of Oriental and African Studies, London Dr Manmath Gharote, Lonavla Yoga Institute, India Dr Suzanne Newcombe, The London School of Economics

Readers: Tim Pigott-Smith and Denise Stephenson

Producer Mukti Jain Campion


Radio Choice: The Times, The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mail

   Mukti Jain Campion’s fine documentary about the gaps and changes in our perception of yoga – Gillian Reynolds, The Daily Telegraph 17/06/16


What’s behind the five popular poses loved by the world? 

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