Bush Lessons


bl23-year-old Shrewsbury graduate Ruth Charlton went to teach in one of the most remote bush schools in the Limpopo Province of South Africa for three months – but stayed for twelve. Her vividly written diaries and letters home chronicle a year of her class’s progress and her own journey from the naivety of an innocent abroad to a woman drawn into the complexities of modern South Africa. (3 x 14′)

First broadcast December 2003  BBC Radio 4

Producer Chris Eldon Lee

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Crossing the Black Waters


ctbwFrom the first sailing of its ships to India in 1607, the English East India Company began a movement of people, goods and ideas that has linked the imaginations and fortunes of the people of Britain and the Indian subcontinent for 400 years. Mukti Jain Campion explores the extraordinary social legacy of the Company and of the early travellers who crossed the kala pani, into the unknown. (3 x 28′)

First broadcast January 2002 BBC Radio 4

Contributors include: Dr Huw Bowen, Dr Kate Teltscher, Rozina Visram, Professor Om Prakash, Rudrangshu Mukherjee, Dr Laxshmi Subramanian, Dr Indira Ghose and Tapati Guha Thakurta.

Readers: Vincent Ebrahim, Christopher Holmes & Malindi O’Rorke

Producers Mukti Jain Campion & Chris Eldon Lee


A compelling listen – Paul Donovan, The Sunday Times


 1: Identity  How the Company changed the way Indians and Britons looked at themselves, and each other.

2: Sex  The Company’s role originated many of the enduring myths about each country’s sexual behaviour.

3: Wealth  How the Company changed the fortunes of millions of Indians and Britons.

Radio Choice: The Guardian, The Mail on Sunday, Time Out, The Sunday Times

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Imperial Gardens


igGarden historian Caroline Holmes explores how former empires transplanted their plants and garden designs to the countries they ruled.  (3 x 28′)

First broadcast    April 2000  BBC Radio 4

Producer  Mukti Jain Campion

Sheer, unaffected pleasure for the listener – Martin Hoyle, Financial Times


1: The Roman Gardens at Fishbourne Palace, England

2: The Moorish Gardens of the Alhambra, Spain

3: Nuwara Eliya, the Garden City of Sri Lanka


Radio Choice: The Independent, The Observer, Daily Mail, The Evening Standard, The Financial Times, Radio Times

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India Uncorrupted?


iucCan the radical new “Party of the Common People” clean up Indian politics? As the largest democracy in the world goes to the polls, Mukti Jain Campion reports from Delhi on how the Aam Aadmi Party has put corruption under the spotlight. (1 x 28′)

First broadcast  April 2014   BBC Radio 4

Contributors include: Yogendra Yadav & Rajmohan Gandhi of AAP, Mukul Kesavan, Political Commentator, Suhel Seth, columnist and brand consultant, Anil Verma of the Association for Democratic Reform, Professor Niraja Gopal Jayal, JNU Centre for Law & Governance, Dr Mukulika Banerjee (London School of Economics), Arnab Goswami, top TV Current Affairs host

Producer Mukti Jain Campion

Jugaad: The Rise of Frugal Innovation


jugMukti Jain Campion explores the new global interest in Indian-style ingenuity. She meets some of India’s most famous jugaad innovators and discovers how their ideas and products may soon be going global. These range from grassroots innovations such as the Royal Enfield Bullet motorbike adaptation that turns it into a plough, the clay fridge that doesn’t need electricity to products developed for cash-strapped consumers everywhere such as the Aakash, the world’s cheapest computer tablet. (1 x 28′)

First broadcast October  2013   BBC Radio 4

Producer Mukti Jain Campion    Executive Producer Charles Miller

Radio Choice: The Daily Telegraph, The Independent, The Daily Mail

Mukti Jain Campion makes really good radio programmes, ones that have an eye for a good story and an ear for the right way of telling it. – Gillian Reynolds, Daily Telegraph



evMukti Jain Campion visits five pioneering projects that are bringing the internet to rural communities on the Indian subcontinent. (5 x 14′)

First broadcast June 2002  BBC Radio 4

Producer Mukti Jain Campion

These stories will amaze- Gillian Reynolds, The Daily Telegraph


1: Putting the I See into ICT    Telemedicine comes to a south Indian village bringing eye care to the poor.

2: Making Waves A fishing community near Pondicherry where the internet is helping to catch fish and save lives.

3: Wise Women of the Web A women’s self-help group is connecting the village to the world through an internet centre in the local temple.

4: Browsing the Horizon  Kothmale Community Radio has developed an innovative way of giving villages of Sri Lanka’s highlands access to the web.

5: Reducing Bureaucracy to Byte Size  The villagers of Dhar are discovering the power of the internet in getting better local government.


Radio Choice: The Times, The Independent, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Sunday Times,The Sunday Telegraph, The Mail on Sunday 

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The Flight of Tiny Feet


totfIn early 1942 the Japanese invaded Burma, forcing fifty thousand refugees to embark on a 1000-mile trek to India, mostly on foot. Overcome by the effects of disease and monsoon, more than half of them died. Stephen Brookes, Evan Edwardes and Yolande Rodda, three children who had once been at kindergarten together, did survive the arduous journey. Now in their seventies, they recall their harrowing experience through children’s eyes. (1 x 28′)

First broadcast January 2003  BBC Radio 4

Producer Chris Eldon Lee

Remarkable and moving – WH, The Guardian


Radio Choice: The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, Daily Mail, The Independent on Sunday, The Times, The Sunday Telegraph

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Like Another Mahabharata: Indian Soldiers in the Great War


lam“This is not a war. It is the ending of the world. This is just such a war as was related in the Mahabharata about our forefathers.” – an Indian soldier’s letter from the Western Front

On Remembrance Day Mukti Jain Campion pays tribute to the contribution of over a million men from the Indian subcontinent who volunteered to fight for the British in the First World War. A fascinating insight into the soldiers’ experiences on and off the battlefields of the Western Front comes from the poetic and poignant letters they wrote home. (1 x 28′)

First broadcast November 1999 BBC Radio 4 & November 2000 BBC World Service


The message powerfully and feelingly conveyed in Mukti Jain Campion’s documentary is that First World War historians have signally failed to acknowledge the part played by those Indian volunteers who fought on Britain’s side.  -Peter Davalle, The Times


Contributors include: Dr David Omissi, Professor Linda Colley, Dominic Rai, and Dominiek Dendooven

Letter readings by Vincent Ebrahim, Rez Kempton and Dev Sagoo.

Soldiers’ songs performed by Baluji Shrivastav and the Man Mela Theatre Company.

Producer  Mukti Jain Campion

Radio Choice: The Times, The Independent, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Sunday Times, Daily Mail, The Scotsman, The Observer, Evening Standard, Time Out, Radio Times

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Photograph: IWM photos Q53887

From Telford to the Stream of Dragons


ftsdThe journey of a lifetime as Hsiao-Ying Tseng travels from Shropshire to south China to visit the two sisters she has never met. Her moving story reveals one human legacy of the Communist victory of 1949 when thousands of Chinese fled to Taiwan, leaving loved ones behind forever. (1 x 28′)

First broadcast Oct 2001   BBC Radio 4

Producer Chris Eldon Lee

Radio 4 Pick of the Week

Frozen in Time


fitReminiscences of life on the polar ice as writer Chris Eldon Lee travels with a party of British Antarctic Survey veterans to revisit the “elaborate garden sheds” in which they spent their winters during the ’50s and ’60s. In near permanent subzero temperatures these huts have become museums, literally frozen in time. (1 x 28′)

First broadcast  December 2001 BBC Radio 4

Producer  Chris Eldon Lee

A real taste of adventure – Peter Barnard, Radio Times


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